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The Restaurant

Achievement and Brand Equity

The reputation of the Nishimura Japanese Restaurant is highly accorded to Japanese ingredients and the taste of authentic Japanese food. Our customers are not only Japanese resided in Hong Kong, they are also celebrities, company executives and officials, and tourists. Most of them are our loyal customers. 

Nishimura has established close relationships with its long-time customers and constantly attracts new ones. The most effective promotion is customers’ endorsement by words of mouth.
Nishimura is certified “100% Authentic ingredients and Taste” by the Japan Certification of Japanese Food and Ingredient Supporter Stores Overseas.

The Certification is issued by the Japan Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. It authorizes overseas restaurants and retail stores eligible to use Japanese ingredients effectively. Nishimura is one of the certified overseas Japanese restaurants which provides a guarantee of food safety and freshness.  

Company History

The first Nishimura restaurant was opened in 1985 at the Regal Meridian Hotel, Hong Kong, by  Mr Hiromi Nishimura. The restaurant has moved several times over the past two decades – from the Regal Meridian to Pacific Place to the Royal Garden Hotel – until finally settling at the Marco Polo Hongkong Hotel, which has been its home since 1992.

In 1993, the Nishimura expanded its business scope by undertaking franchise and management contracts to develop and manage Japanese restaurants for prestigious hotels in China and around Asia Pacific.

There are a total of 6 branch stores in China and Indonesia, located in Beijing, Suzhou, two restaurants in Changzhou, Jakarta and Surabaya in Indonesia.

The Product

Our servise principal is Traditional dishes and Delicate dishes”.

We provide seasonal Japanese dishes, a mariage of traditional ingredients and modern cooking skills. Given the care in choosing ingredients, Snack dishes, Sashimi, Sushi, Teppan Dishes, Robata dishes and Washoku dishes are created by chef with their full of heart. Guests experience Japanese four season from our dishes with quality of ingredients and variety of ideas, faith which uses seasonal ingredients for our dishes.

Supply of air is 11 times in a week, from Fukuoka, Tokyo, Osaka, Hokkaido and Okinawa. Directly Imported Seafoods which were caught same day and other ingredients delivery on same day, all ingredients have been carefully selected with freshness, providing foods, varieties and stable.

Most ingredients, 90% of ingredients used at Nishimura are imported from Japan, alive fishes and marine products, Japanese wagyu beef, vegetables, seasonal fruits, Japanese rice, Japanese noodles, Japanese eggs, Japanese sweets and various kinds of sauces…

for these special structures,  it is no surprise that the restaurant is widely acknowledged as providing the best sushi and sashimi in town.


Atmosphere and ambience are, of course, also an important part of the quality dining experience. And here again Nishimura has its own style.

Nishimura offers advanced sense décor. We carry Sushi counter, Teppan Counter, Private room, booth seats and hall seats are set as casual, set up for comfortable and homey feeling.

The one overwhelming aspect is the view – Hong Kong Harbor can be seen from the main booth seats.

We are particular about the decoration in the store, and it is hospitality so that you can feel Japan overseas according to the four seasons of Japan. All the decollations are from Japan, some are handmade, first move the guests enters Nishimura is…taking a picture of our décor.


A directly air flown from Kyushu, Whole 100kg blue tuna fin tuna cut event, Miyazaki Beef fair, Hiroshima Oyster fair, Hokkaido Fair, Hokkaido Crab Fair, Sakura Fair, Autum fair, etc,… By promoting seasonal foods, we also take care of the sense of season and freshness overseas.

For promotion of overseas branch stores, chefs are dispatched from the Hong Kong head office on a regular basis every year, and while communicating with local staff, we transfer the latest dishes from Nishimura to overseas branch stores.

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