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The Chefs

Group Executive Chef
Toshihisa Katsuki

Toshihisa Katsuki is a Sushi Chef with nearly 50 years experiences, appointed to a Nishimura Group Executive Chef at Nishimura Restaurant.


Chef Katsuki has trained his career as a Sushi chef at  the one of the famous and long history Japanese restaurant called “Kanetanaka” in Ginza, Tokyo. His career as a chef is now over 46 years. He was assigned to open a new branches of Hong Kong Kanetanaka  in Hong Kong about 40 years ago to assist the opening of a new branches in Hong Kong. Later he has shown his talent at the Furama Hotel which has been demolished and some other upmarket hotels.


Katsuki Toshihisa

Chef Katsuki’s extensive skills and experiences provide professional opinions on menu and store management to all NISHIMURA overseas branches. He has strict rules for his cooking method and use of seasonal ingredients at all time to serve the best to customers.



One of his special skill is demonstrating whole Blue Fin Tuna filleting event. While he is demonstrating the cutting show required to use many types of knives, needs to concentrate to cut such a big body, he explains various part of the tuna body in his fluent Cantonese like an entertaining magic show. He has rich and comprehensive knowledge in preparing Sushi and Washoku dishes.

His charming big eye blow, his big smiles will never let you forget Nishimura Japanese Restaurant.

Executive Chef
Kato Osamu

Executive Chef Osamu Kato has joined Nishimura Japanese Restaurant on 1 February 2017.

His Home town is called Yokohama, JAPAN and has build his career as a Japanese Sushi Chef in Hong Kong for nearly 30 years. He has over 40 years’ experience as a chef thought JAPAN and Hong Kong and he has shown his talent in various famous Japanese restaurants in Hong Kong such as Hilton Hotel and the Peninsula Hong Kong Hotel.


His one of specialties is a preparing Sashimi and Sushi, blended with his own creative ideas, modern styles and classy Japanese cooking skills. His knife work is dedicated which earns him a reputation in the industry. He creates a variety of dishes with abstract styles and forms. His dishes are eye-catching and customers cannot resist in taking photos before they taste his dishes. He is also has many local customers as his fan since he speaks fluent Cantonese, who has admired by his work and many laughs and smiles by his cooking and talking skills, also jokes at the Sushi Counter.


Kato Osamu

His first impression may appears as typical Japanese Chef with stubborn attitude, but once you started known him, You will find oud that the first impression of yours was wrong, he is in fact humorous and loves having conversations with customers. Chef Kato often hides his cares and kindness as typical Japanese Chef… his warm hearted and his character  as well as his cooking skills creates a lot of fans both in Hong Kong and Japan.


​Chef Kato wishes that all the customers experiences a splendid meal at Nishimura. He memorizes his customers’ favorite dishes, and take meticulous care to taste, types, styles, even they are left handed or not…called OMOTENASHI, and procedural menus to make sure that customers are served and completed with authentic Japanese experience.

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